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Submitted By: Marguerite Dawson BomberrySubmitted: 6/16/2017
Good morning, I am working on a genealogical search for an African-American family by the name of Moss. In particular, if anyone has any information about relatives of Eugene Moss who came from East Prairie. Mr. Moss served in the US Navy. Respectfully, Marguerite Dawson-Bomberry

Submitted By: Rose ciscellSubmitted: 3/20/2016
I lived EP from 59-64 with my Grandmother Flaudie Ciscell. I would love any information about my Father Willis Ciscell and Grandmother Flaudie.

Submitted By: Betty Lewis StanleySubmitted: 9/28/2015
Sue's hometown news last week mentioned the EPHS class of '58 Dinner-Reunion at Boomland on Friday, October 9. The time is 6 to 11 p.m. Please publish this information. Thanks, Betty

Submitted By: geniaSubmitted: 7/31/2015
I am needing to know if anyone knows of a 3 or 4 bedroom house to rent in this area. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted By: johnstonSubmitted: 3/15/2015
Live by faith. Do the best you can at each thing you do . But at the end of the day put some time aside to evaluate your days contributions to yourself and be city we live in . Be fair to yourself no ones perfect w.s.j

Submitted By: dean cockrumSubmitted: 2/17/2015
Yes, my Uncle was Nollie dad, so we were cousins.

Submitted By: dean cockrumSubmitted: 2/17/2015
Yes I remember WS, Cutter and Rose. I lived in a house across the street from the garage behind WS and Vivian's house. The Babb house is gone along with the house I was born in and lived. Rose was a Saint and would invited me over sometimes to have pancakes with John(son).

Submitted By: Floyd Barger CooperSubmitted: 11/12/2014
To Dean Cockrum. Dean I lived at the corner of Elm Street across the street from Mark Twain school. I used to mow W.S. Babb's lawn. The Cutter and Rose were good friends of In-laws, Howard and Dorothy Griffin. Are you related to Nollie Jean Cockrum?. She was in my class at Charleston High.

Submitted By: The good parent Submitted: 7/19/2013
I don't know what the parents from East Prarie teach their children about having children but its a shame when you can have a new car your one of your baby's daddy's pays for a home that you own , work a job when it's convenient and pay your Childsupport when you feel like it but expect your other baby daddy to pay each and every month on time because he owes you get a grip up there pay for your children the other parents are emotionally and finically responsible ALL the time we don't have new cars and homes and most of all we have jobs all the time not just when we feel like working I hope the persons this about do get to read this and understand what I'm saying Get It!

Submitted By: Dean CockrumSubmitted: 6/4/2013
Just read the weekly article of Rep Hodges and saw what I consider is wrong with law makers. He touts bi-partisanship the out of the other side of his mouth trashes his opponent and the GOP. SE Mo needs to not vote for more of what we have in the current WH.

Submitted By: bizworldusaSubmitted: 11/7/2012
Great job at 605 Grand.More people should follow,clean up this beautiful sleepy small town U.S.A Clean up your yards and your trash.Its your home your investment! Thank you Bizworldusa

Submitted By: stephanieSubmitted: 8/22/2012
What Is Civil Rights? Do Civil Rights really exist today? It seems like to me that Our freedom that our soldiers die for every day are going to hell in a hand basket. What are they really fighting for? Lot’s of our American soldiers die, or get body parts blown off, for our freedom, Therefore, the freedom we as Americans have, we are losing everyday to the corrupt Government Affairs, And Law enforcement. Also once the soldiers arrive home some missing parts, They now are being treated like dogs. Growing up in the early 80’s I always heard that we as Americans would eventually loose our freedom and our country would become a Communism country. Our rights as a citizen are becoming less and less. Do we not own the right to choose something that pertains TO our own lives, Such as wearing seatbelts, smoking in our vehicles, and wearing helmets? I think the way the law enforcement handle things are uncouth, they lie, And basically do what they wish because, Us citizens will not fig

Submitted By: Dean CockrumSubmitted: 6/12/2012
Americans net worth is down 40% in the last 3 years. Does that sound like the private sector is doin "fine"? Nov is the time for people to express their disapproval/approval of current Federal policies. I suggest we use common sense, not feelings when we pull the lever. Ask yourselves if this is the America we want or expect and vote.

Submitted By: JIM HILTONSubmitted: 2/7/2012

Submitted By: stephen murraySubmitted: 10/4/2011
Local area Landlord decides to immediately kick another Veteran out into the street! When are veterans going to get a fair shake? Especially when the veterans rent wasn't late are nor due? this poisonist landlord entered the premisses without permission nor at a proper time demanding that the veteran immediately get out or else this person would have them removed by legal force! It was a good thing that the veteran was decently dressed when the Landlord took their very own key and unlocked the door. There was some 13 days left on the rental agreement which had been paid up in full. The Landlord attempted to claim they did not recieve the claimed late rental amount in which the veteran had documentation that proved otherwise! Why must our veterans continue to fight a battle like whats currently going on overseas are even Vietnam as it were right here in our homeland called America! Why must the people who defend your country and mine have to fight for the basic rights which most Americi

Submitted By: Alvin WashingtonSubmitted: 9/8/2011
Hey East Prairie football fans. If you;re unable to make the game at Scott City this Friday (Sep 9), I invite you to check out our videocast available at Here's the direct link to the stream:

Submitted By: woody funderburkSubmitted: 3/20/2011
i live in indiana but am wanting to move back to mep im loking for a 2 bed house to rent or buy please contact me at my e mail add

Submitted By: SandraSubmitted: 1/13/2011
I have just recently moved back. I have to agree w/Alicia on her comment. The trailor court is atrocious. What happened to E.P. having a dog catcher? The dogs are running wild and have their own housing.

Submitted By: AliciaSubmitted: 1/1/2011
the traillor court on s martin by morgans grocery has literally gone to the dogs. its in worse shape than the dog houses on the outside of the trailors. isnt there a building code or some kind of inspection that has to be passed yearly by hud or city inspectors. one of the trailors is kept open for the dogs to have access to the inside. im thinking that if the alderman lived close by that this eyesore wouldnt be lookin this way

Submitted By: MarshaSubmitted: 4/15/2010
Great job at 605 Grand.More people should follow,clean up this beautiful sleepy small town U.S.A Clean up your yards and your trash.Its your home your investment!

Submitted By: Dean CockrumSubmitted: 2/25/2010
Pic of Mark Twain brought back lots of memories. It was in my old neighborhood and I attended 1-5st grades, 51-55. Buck's was a couple blocks walk for a five year old for candy. Miss Clack was my 1st grade teacher. Cutter and Rose Bryant lived across the street and Rose would invite me over for pancakes, she was a true treasure. WS and Vivian lived on two house from mine and were great neighbors. Living in Texas now and often think of Charleston. Dean Cockrum

Submitted By: MarshaSubmitted: 2/12/2010
605 Grand has an abonden,burnt out building that needs to be demolished.Its a hazard to people,especaily small children.There is a large hole,ditch in the backyard left uncovered,overgrown trees and weeds and is becoming a health hazard . A real eye sore for East Prairie residents!


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